Your step Towards a Sustainable Business with DHL GoGreen Plus!

Your customers now place a high value on sustainable business practices. Learn how our DHL Sustainable Aviation Fuel initiative can improve the sustainability of businesses of all sizes and how you can benefit from our GoGreen Plus service.

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What is GoGreen Plus?

DHL Express recently launched GoGreen Plus, a dedicated solution for businesses to reduce the carbon emissions associated with their shipments by using Sustainable Aviation Fuel. SAF is a biofuel produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats, waste and agricultural crops. SAF is specifically designed to be used as a substitute for traditional jet fuel and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuels.

Why it matters - Now More Than Ever

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. It's one of the most significant trends to influence all industries in recent times. In the e-commerce sector, for example, online shoppers are increasingly concerned about the issue, with 88% saying they are more likely to be loyal to a business that supports environmental1 issues.

How does it work?

Choose GoGreen Plus at contract level or when shipping with MyDHL+. Through the contract, DHL invests in SAF, reducing CO2e, and you receive an emission reduction certificate.

Why DHL?

The DHL Group is committed to reducing all net logistics emissions to zero by 2050 - and is working closely with all customers to help them achieve their targets. DHL Express has announced two of its largest SAF agreements with BP and Neste, totalling over 800 million litres. This contributes to DHL's goal of using 30% SAF for all air transport by 2030.

Be part of a sustainable future with DHL GoGreen Plus!