With DHL Express Easy Student your child is reunited with their favourite teddy bear or blanket! The feeling of "home" can be closer.

This service is dedicated to pupils and students, for sending the necessary documents for their stay, as well as clothes and other things they need during their years of study abroad.

Financial resources are important at the start of any journey, so we help them save up to 30%.

Through the dedicated service, DHL EXPRESS EASY STUDENT, young people benefit from the following advantages:

  • A preferential rate, 30% lower than standard DHL products
  • International coverage in over 220 countries and territories
  • Accessibility, service available in more than 25 DHL shipping centres across the country, located in major cities and university centres
  • Support from DHL consultants in each location
  • FREE packaging
  • Real-time online shipment tracking and support HERE
  • Uniqueness, the only service in Romania exclusively for students

📓Don't forget your child's student ID card when you come to DHL 📓

The service is available exclusively at DHL dispatch centres.

Got any questions?

Write to us at ro_marketing@dhl.com