Imports of goods or documents?

The Receiver Paid service comes to the rescue!

If you have occasional imports with payment for transport in Romania, DHL has the ideal solution for you, at advantageous prices:

* 50% discount for parcels less than 10 KG

* 71% discount for parcels weighing more than 10 KG

You benefit from the following advantages:

  1. fast imports, without prior signing of a contract with DHL
  2. whether you import as an individual or on behalf of a company, we bring your personal items from all over the world
  3. support for customs clearance formalities
  4. no advance payments
  5. pick up your shipment directly from your nearest DHL Shipping Centre.

Talk to one of our DHL representatives online on WhatsApp - HERE. Our experts will take care of all the details to finalize your imports.

For more details and information on service availability, please contact DHL Customer Service Department on 021 222 1 777.